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Rifa [userpic]
[Slave's Summoning]
by Rifa (otachi)
at March 11th, 2007 (11:55 pm)

Open to all.

Background - ReadCollapse )

Characters and Play
I have an idea, if you would all like to play along. I was thinking that it would be interesting for everyone playing this to use two characters. One a human and one a Native, or more accurately, one character in the Earth colony and one in a Native City. But if thats too much, I don't mind. I'll stick with a human character and add a native if someone starts there.

Anyways, for humans, roles can be anything from club owner, actist, tourist, anything just be interesting.

For the natives, priests, warriors and the like would be interesting.

Remember, the natives' main culture is going to be based on Anztec/Mayan/etc but can be twisted however way. Enjoy kids.

Update! Just a note about langauges. There will only be two for use: English, the primary langauge of the earth races, and the Edenian langauge. Edenian langauge will need to be in italics so we can see the difference of what langauge they are speaking.

Earthling/Human speech: "I don't speak that langauge."
Edenian/Whatever tribe: "I don't speak that langauge."

Usual restrictions, sexual and violent scenes are left for you to decide.

pioden [userpic]
by pioden (pioden_cross)
at February 6th, 2007 (04:06 pm)

Mood: blank

As we are all aware, conflicting hours available for RP'ing is making it very hard to keep things going smoothly. Therefore I propose to keep this entry open so that members can leave notes for one another, saying for example:

"Ahh! I'm way behind in Comp. Civ. so I can't RP till I'm caught up :gonk:.. gomen nasai!"
"NooOOoo! I'm banned from my world of internet and computer-ing-ness! I'll post ASAP!"

As well it could leave a place for comments such as:

"Pio.. nice post and all.. but I can't reply to it really. Please add an extra line so I can do something?"

Rifa [userpic]
by Rifa (otachi)
at January 4th, 2007 (11:18 am)

Hey guys.

Megan and I have talked about the community and how dead its become and we are trying to find a solution to this problem. One big issue is that people aren't posting regularily, or disapearing and such. The roleplays are getting too full with people waiting on other people who aren't posting. So what we are thinking could work better is if we make it so that all roleplays are limited to three players. That way less people will be held up in roleplays and such... it just seems like it would work better.

So anyays, we need your guys' input.

What problems do you see with this set up? Is there some other way we should try? Or are we just crazy?

As for the current roleplays, I've been told that 'Some stand' has been moving fine, the 'Butterflies..' one is apparently dead and I know that 'Travelers' is getting muddled and full. So I'm thinking of closing new players on "Some stand", perhaps freezing "Butterflies" and "Travellers" BUT... If you guys want to keep going with the characters and such (as I do) we can split up Travlers into a few three palyer roleplays. Sound good? I think so.

We want people's input though!

By the way, if you don't reply to this post we'll assume you agree... or that you have died.



Rifa [userpic]
Happy Holidays~
by Rifa (otachi)
at December 22nd, 2006 (10:19 am)

Mood: bouncy
Soundtrack: Christmas Tunes

Hey everyone! I'm just posting to wish everyone a happy holiday season and also to thank everybody for getting along and posting so well.

The only problems have been from lack of posting, but its always for good reason I know. Keep up the work guys!

I won't be back for a bit since I am currently internet-less. But once I have it again I will be starting a new RP. Oh, and remember to invite your friends to the community! Just let us know who it is you are inviting so we can let them in n_n And any suggestions and good too.

Happy Holidays everyone!

pioden [userpic]
Some Stand...
by pioden (pioden_cross)
at October 25th, 2006 (09:02 pm)

And Some Fall...

An RP For Anyone.

Background: Humanity really has given up, the "apocalypse" having past, and there are few people on Earth. There used to be a dream of having domes for a time like this so that the human race could live on, but with a sudden crash in the world's society those dreams where thrown away. There are small pockets of people remaining, each possessive of their own commodities, each unwilling to help the other. But it seems the planet is shifting again, a time of change is upon the remaining people. Even with their ever-advancing technologies, will the human race withstand one final blow? It is said that a group of people, mainly wealthy people who would see this world continue, are traveling around, building something magnificent, that could save  humanity.

This group is real. But can there really be hope? A mysterious man named Adrian has now revealed a cloak-and-dagger sort of society, where everything you could every dream of wanting is supplied, yet there is something rather more dubious in the air surrounding these seemingly genuine people. When it comes to getting his "mission" done, why is this group of well-wishers waffling as to if they should help him or not?

It really comes down to one thing, during desperate times, will humanity stand? Or will it fall?

Characters: What ever race, or kind of person. I'd like it to be mortal-based, but if you want to have mutated characters, cool! No one is invincible though, every character must have at least one weak point!

any couple styles, just no explicitly sexual scenes please, rules of the community apply.

pirate_mousie [userpic]
Butterflies in a Hurricane
by pirate_mousie (pirate_mousie)
at October 19th, 2006 (05:28 pm)

Mood: excited

An RP For Anyone. ^^

Background: The City of Aurora. Just like any other city with one small exception: magic. Magic went into the building of the city and magic helps run it. Humans live alongside fairies and elves and satyrs and witches and manner of other so-called oddities and all seems well. But something Dark has come to the City of Lights. They aptly call it the Darkness and it creeps in the night and steals people away. What is it? Who sent it? And can it be stopped before the Light goes out?

Characters: Feel free to play whatever character you would like, whatever race you would like. I'd really, really like it if we weren't flooded with Angels, Demons, and/or elves and if you play a 'normal' human, you'd be my hero forever.

Abbreviated Rules: Yaoi, yuri, and hetero couples are allowed, but no sex scenes, please. Keep it fun.... I can't think of anymore. Really abbreviated. ^^'

That's it. I think.

Rifa [userpic]
|-Traveler's Tales-|
by Rifa (otachi)
at October 5th, 2006 (03:48 pm)

Open RP to everyone

Info... Gypsies are nomadic groups of people who travel in a large group, by caravans pulled by horse or ox. The group is tight-nit and they live off the land and the small funds they may collect. The group for this roleplay makes their money by entertaining the people of the towns and cities they pass on their journey. They are passionate people with great diversive backgrounds. The world within this roleplay is purely fantasy, any kind of mythical or magical being or reference is fine. There are no limits to violence or sexuality, have fun kids.

Characters... Any gender and any age. They can be fourtune tellers, dancers, musicans, magicans, pick pockets, prostitues, acrobats, animal trainers, charmers, fire breathers, whatever.


The stars shined brightly in the inky dark sky. The oak trees surrounding the camp rustle in a glorious tune. A large bonfire rages in the center of a circle of caravans, the large gypsy vanner horses [pic: http://www.gypsygold.com/images/0gdolly.JPG] graze around the camp at random while all the travelers sit and rest around the bonfire. Shima, a 22 year old girl with dark skin and nearly white hair, sits far back from the fire on a carved wooden armchair, one bangled hand resting on a very pregant stomach...

Rifa [userpic]
by Rifa (otachi)
at October 3rd, 2006 (06:22 pm)

Private RP between Rifa and Bann

Within a mental institute the walls are bleached white, windows barred and the staff hurry about with pained smiles attending to the paitents who live there. Here is where the disturbed and broken people can be found, lying in their beds, rocking back and forth, or singing almost drunkenly around the hallways. This is pregitory for the living, it seems.

Amoungst the staff is a new nurse. The other members of staff cannot remember her being introduced to them, nor can they pinpoint exactly who it was that hired her. But her uniform, badge, and paperwork is all so legit, they simply nod their heads. She wanders around the ward, looking in each room, as if she's looking for someone. With no sense of direction, the black haired nurse enters some rooms more than once. Finally, she spots the correct room number, she smirks and crashes into the room....

Rifa [userpic]
Intro and Rules
by Rifa (otachi)
at October 3rd, 2006 (04:32 pm)

Mood: accomplished
Soundtrack: Walking in the Air

Welcome to Thanatos.

Alright, I've been saying for a while we need to make a community just for Roleplaying. Just for us of course, that is, all the people I know who roleplay that I want to roleplay with. Huzzah! Okay, anyways, we'll have to set up the rules of posting and all that jazz, I have a system in mind but it can always be changed.


Joining Thanatos...if you want to join, you'll need to get through me. Basicly, if I know you you're in. This is to keep the community private.

New Roleplays...if you want to start up a new roleplay you'll need to post to the community. Whoever writes the acual post (entry) is the head of that roleplay. As the head of the roleplay, you'll need to make a title and detailed post as to what the roleplay is, where it is, character types, etc. Remember to post any limits or rules you want (ie. no sex scenes, no supernatural, etc.). Also, if you wish to set up a roleplay with select member(s) please post that as well. If you want the roleplay to be private from non-members remember to "friend's-only" the post.

Sorting the Roleplays... If you start up a new roleplay, it would help us a lot if you could use tags to define and sort out the RP. For example, if its a fantasy-style roleplay write "Fantasy" in for the tag, if its a private one between you and another, put "Private Rps", etc. Please keep it simple, or use mulitple, for example, an adventure of dragon-killing yoai-obbessed vampires can be tagged as "Adventure", "Fantasy", "Vampire" and "Yoai". This way, once we have a lot of roleplays, we can easily find the past and current roleplays of a certain nature. If you are confused, just ask me X3

Joining and Posting in Roleplays....if someone has started a roleplay you wish to join, post (submit a reply to the entry) in the roleplay with your basic or detailed character description. All roleplaying must take place within the comments and please only use out of character comments when you really, really need to!

Roleplaying Rules... please respect the roleplay and the creator of it. If its a roleplay about vampires and you want to be a werewolf, please ask the head of the roleplay. There are currently no community restrictions or expectations on posting. As long as you respect the roleplay heads, violance, gore, sexuality, and everything else is fine.

Leaving a Roleplay... if you no longer wish to play in a rp you are involved in or you know you won't be able to post for a long time it makes everyone's lives easier if you remove your character from the action either temperary or perminantly. For example, if you are going on a vacation or have to study for finals for a week or two and can't roleplay during this time, find a way to move your character out of the action by leaving the area, falling into a coma, running off on errands, whatever, just make sure you say you won't be back for a while. You can also ask a mod or another memeber of the community to do this for your character. And if you don't want to be part of the roleplay anymore, then kill your character, make them leave, whatever. Just please don't leave everyone else stuck with your non played character!

Mods and Maintainers...Right now we have two mods, Rifa (otachi) and Bann (kage_ankoku), we will be overlooking things and making sure everyone is following the rules and being good. We also update the community with new layouts and all that jazz. If there is a problem come to us!

Getting kicked out...? I really hope this doesn't happen. But if our numbers grow, and someone doesn't follow rules of the community or the roleplays, a majority vote of members can have you kicked out. Like I said, this is more or less cautionary. Even though we all know each other, it's not a free for all.

Alright, that looks good.

Have fun everyone!

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